The Real Old Man and The Sea

A photo essay on Sorro, the fisherman

Sorro is a local fisherman who lives on Jewel Cay, a tiny low island off the coast of Utila (a larger island famous for world class diving and partying foreigners). Jewel Cay is densely populated. About 500 people live there, crammed into closely built stilt homes that perch over the sea. Sorro has been a fisherman his whole life, as many locals are. His style is bare-bones. He only uses trolling hand lines and has never owned a fishing reel or pole. He crafts his own hooks and creates his own lures. His main catch is usually small tuna which he sells to local restaurants on Utila, but he told me stories of pulling in a much mightier beast.

When I met Sorro he had just returned from his daily fishing trip which starts at 4AM and ends around 9AM, when the water gets too warm. He takes his boat out to the far eastern end of Utila, where he claims the most fish are.